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Mold Fogger and Ozone Generator Questions & Answers

Mold fogging and ozone generator questions sent to mold expert Phillip Fry on July 25, 2012. Where to buy your mold fogging machine.  Where you can buy your ozone blaster.

1. I am assuming that the AC registers are the Outlet grills - am I right. 
yes, do ozone blasting and boric acid powder fogging into BOTH the supply registers and the return air registers.

2. Is the intake the same (in effect) as the return air duct? No, but you can use the return air ducts on all areas of your house as a good way to get both ozone and boric acid fog into your HVAC equipment and ducts when it is running on fan ventilation. Use the ozone blaster's hose attachment to inject ozone for one half hour into each separate return air duct. 

3. I am not clear about how I am securing the Blaster hose to the intake or return airduct (I can send a photo of my air handler - as open as I can get it.)  Please send the picture, but you can use duct tape to tape the hose to each return air duct register.

4. Did I get the sequence right: Ozone the AC system several times over a period of about a week, then spray the Boric acid mix in to the AC system once, then scrub all surfaces with the mix. Yes, but the surfaces you are scrubbing (with boric acid powder dissolved into hot water until dissolved into a clear solution) are the walls, floors and furnishings.

5. Given that moisture is a key requirement for mold and that I dont have the smooth impenetrable duct surfaces - I want to be sure - is that mix going to dry quickly and thoroughly enough in the AC system? After doing mold fogging of your HVAC system, continue run the HVAC on fan ventilation or at least one hour to dry the entire insides of your HVAC. The dried boric acid powders are an excellent mold preventative. You can buy a low cost, excellent mold fogger at our website

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